United States

The U.S. Business Council for Sustainable Energy (BCSE) mission is to advocate for energy and environmental policies that promote markets for clean, efficient and sustainable energy products and services. In the United States, these advocacy efforts are focused both at the federal and state levels.

More specifically, the U.S. BCSE aims to

  • Enact policies that accelerate the deployment of energy efficiency, renewable energy resources and natural gas
  • Implement cost-effective programs and policies that recognize the environmental attributes of energy sources
  • Increase the energy productivity of the economy and improve energy security
  • Encourage market-based initiatives for energy and environmental policies

The Council seeks policies that will drive investments in and the deployment of existing clean energy technologies, including natural gas, wind, solar, geothermal and hydropower, combined heat and power, insulation and fuel cells. The Council’s current federal legislative efforts are focused around support of clean energy tax credits and eventual comprehensive tax reform; specific bills that promote energy efficiency in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors; and promotion of U.S. manufacturing and exports of clean energy technologies.

Other key policy areas of interest to BCSE members include: upgrading the U.S. electrical grid and better integration of renewable energy and other clean energy options onto the grid; support of clean air and climate change policies and the state and federal level and ensuring the implementation of these rules recognizes the emissions attributes of clean energy technologies as compliance options.

For more information or specifics on the Council’s policy recommendations, please visit the BCSE at www.bcse.org or follow on Twitter: @BCSECleanenergy.  To learn the latest about the US clean energy market & industry trends, download the Sustainable Energy in America Factbook, and learn more about the Council’s delegation to COP 22.